what is the density of pennies


what is the density of a penny? Yahoo Answers Best Answer: if the penny was true copper, the density would be 8.69 however, the pennies we use are a composite of materials and the density can vary. easy way to check - weight the penny in grams, then place the penny into a graduated cylinder filled with water and check the displacement - in ml then the density is weight/displacement

Density Lab - Lizzy 39;s DP - Google Sites Density Lab Today’s penny is . After constructing a graph, the graph showed that the density of the pre 1982 pennies was higher than the post 1983 pennies.

Density of a Penny - Rutgers-Newark Chemistry The US Penny Random thoughts and views. In this experiment you will study an everyday object, the US PENNY. You will measure the density of this coin by two independent methods. Density = Mass/Volume Density is a physical property which can be used to characterize and identify a material.

What is the density of post-1982 pennies? Reference The density of a post-1982 penny is about 7.17 grams per milliliter. That value can be determined from measurements of the density of the zinc and copper in the penny and their percentages.

Density of Pennies - Miss Clark 39;s Website To find the density of pennies minted before 1982 and after 1983 to determine the metal in the cores of pennies minted after 1983

Density of a Penny Significant Figures Density B. Find the density of each penny by dividing the mass by the volume, be sure to use the correct number of significant digits and with correct units. Penny 1 Density= D= D = 11 g/ cm3 D = 11 g/ cm3 Penny 2 Density= D=.

Density of Pennies - Faculty Webs and compare the density of pennies minted before 1982 and a second set of pennies minted after 1984 density of the pennies from each era.

Density of Pennies - AlgebraLAB Copper and zinc are different elements and therefore have different density values. By determining the density of each type of pennies, the composition of the metal can be confirmed. Older copper pennies should have a different ratio of mass to volume than zinc pennies.

What is the density of a penny - Answers Density is 7.18 g/ml for post 1982 which is quite close to that of Zinc density of 7.14 g/ml. This makes some sense since the coin is 97.5 % Zinc and 2.5 % copper with a density of 8.92g/ml.

Measuring the Density of Pennies sciphile Since the density is the amount of mass per volume, and the volume of a penny can be determined from the thickness and diameter, it follows that measurements of the mass, the thickness and the diameter of the penny should be enough to calculate the density.

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what is the density of pennies